Blog 5: Some explanations about rates

As noted in several places on this site, my cartoons and images are available for resale and licensing. (I am also available to create new cartoons for you, the consumer.) I have a full collection of both general humor cartoons and technology-oriented cartoons, samples of both which appear on this site (and links to more are posted).

I have been contacted by several prospective buyers wanting to know why my fee for a technology cartoon re-use is more expensive than the fee for my cartoons on the CartoonBank, the collection of New Yorker cartoons. The CartoonBank material is general humor, where someone looking for a cartoon on a specific topic (dentists, say) would just enter that topic in the search and pick amongst the many images offered. 

When I am contacted for a technology cartoon, the client is usually looking for a specific topic - dental security, say - and often requesting a specific image. There are 2 or 3 technology cartoons that I have sold and resold multiple times as they seem to connect with viewers - and their presentations - strongly. Hence a higher reprint fee than the general humor material.

I'm always glad to discuss this. Please contact me with any questions. Except geometry - I suck at geometry.