Blog 9 - my technology cartoons

Through the years, I have created cartoons for a variety of publications. These have included general “gag” cartoons, editorial cartoons and illustrations, and cartoons on specific subjects. For several years I created cartoons that appeared in technology publications. I am frequently contacted by people looking for specific cartoons from those publications. While I have some of those cartoons on this site, the majority of images here - and the links provided for those cartoons - are of general interest topics.

That does not mean that the tech cartoons don’t exist. I still have most of them on file. If you are looking for a specific cartoon - or even a cartoon on a certain hi-tech subject - let me know and I’d be glad to look for it for you.

On an unrelated note, I have become a Game of Thrones addict, consuming season 8 theories and eagerly awaiting the final season. I know nothing.

Blog 8 - pushing

I teach. I teach as an adjunct at a small art college in New Hampshire, USA. I also work with younger students - 10 - 12 year olds - at an elementary school near my home. Currently I am teaching a course in sketchbook (using one’s sketchbook to help create and develop ideas) for college students. Using a sketchbook has always been second nature to me - sitting down and start moving the pencil / pen / brush and letting your mind flow. I was always able to fill pages - not with high-quality content, but imagery, nevertheless.

I am currently struggling with getting my students to, basically, fill the pages. Either they are treating the pages too preciously or are just being lazy, but it is a struggle to get them to put more than one image on each page.

I want them to think out loud on the page, put down whatever is playing on their internal playlist. I understand the desire to be “perfect,” or at least not to have one’s sketchbook represent one’s art in a bad way. But right now that is acting as a brake, and my goal is to have them make a mess.

In the meantime, a 5th grade student I was working with recently told me she had had a “nicemare.” It made me want to draw some “nicemares,” which I’ve attached here.

A nicemare

A nicemare

and another…

and another…

Blog 7 New Year Resolution

To date I haven’t been using my blog. I have vowed? decided? been driven? wanted to dip my toes in the water? to start posting more regularly on the blog. I don’t know if it will be terribly insightful - more likely just plain terrible - but I want to get in the habit of writing daily. Fortunately, I can always slap an illustration on to distract from the empty prose.

On that note, here is an illustration I created for the ARTISTIQUE group, a representative agency I have been working with. They were using this (and other) illustration as a promotion for Chinese New Year.


Blog 6 - Questions for the (un?)dead

I have just binged and caught up with Game of Thrones (minor spoiler alert in here) and the issues caused by the (un)dead in this story, combined with other pop culture stories focusing on armies of the dead gave me a question.

If the zombies, walking dead, (un?)dead, etc. need human flesh to survive, what is their plan for the long run? Have they considered what they will do when they have killed and consumed all of the living, leaving them - the dead - with no viable food source? Will the dead become vegans?

If this issue has been addressed elsewhere, I apologize. I am not intimately familiar with plans of the various zombie apocalypses. 

Blog 5: Some explanations about rates

As noted in several places on this site, my cartoons and images are available for resale and licensing. (I am also available to create new cartoons for you, the consumer.) I have a full collection of both general humor cartoons and technology-oriented cartoons, samples of both which appear on this site (and links to more are posted).

I have been contacted by several prospective buyers wanting to know why my fee for a technology cartoon re-use is more expensive than the fee for my cartoons on the CartoonBank, the collection of New Yorker cartoons. The CartoonBank material is general humor, where someone looking for a cartoon on a specific topic (dentists, say) would just enter that topic in the search and pick amongst the many images offered. 

When I am contacted for a technology cartoon, the client is usually looking for a specific topic - dental security, say - and often requesting a specific image. There are 2 or 3 technology cartoons that I have sold and resold multiple times as they seem to connect with viewers - and their presentations - strongly. Hence a higher reprint fee than the general humor material.

I'm always glad to discuss this. Please contact me with any questions. Except geometry - I suck at geometry.


Blog 3 - the (almost) daily cartoon!

Since I'm just learning this site's design features, I'm attempting to add a new skill each day. Today I added a (almost) daily cartoon, which will feature either a new creation or something I've culled from my files. I don't know if I'll archive these, so enjoy their brief moment on the world wide webs. (Maybe that will be tomorrow's skill.)

I've been impressed by the amount of messages I've received since opening the site, especially since I've done little to no publicity or marketing yet. If you're interested in sending me a question, comment or brickbat (I don't know what a brickbat is, I've just always wanted to say that) go to the "contact" line in the menu.

I hope brickbats don't hurt.

Blog 2

Blog 2

It has been 12 hours since I've made my new site live, and I've fallen a little short of the anticipated windfall. But since I'm trying to learn a new feature every day, I will try to post an image on the blog. The above image is my best-selling cartoon, so far. It is popular with IT security officials, for obvious reasons. If you are interested in purchasing the cartoon for your presentation, please contact me for my rates, which vary depending on the size and nature of your presentation.

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the first post

Welcome to my new web site, and new web site blog. I had had an old site for almost 30 years, to which I had added pages and features, until it was the digital equivalent of an old shack with a couple wings and dormers and a porch added on, all painted different colors and with different styles. I could have lived with that - I DID live with that - except that I was updating it via a software that became obsolete when I purchased a new computer. Hence run to the cloud, which I did and am doing.

I am hoping to use this site to post my archives and new works, to hopefully sell work from, and get back in blogging shape. 

Wish me luck.

NOTE: I originally wrote this a year ago, when I was all set to pull an all-nighter to get my new site up. Delays ensued.