Blog 9 - my technology cartoons

Through the years, I have created cartoons for a variety of publications. These have included general “gag” cartoons, editorial cartoons and illustrations, and cartoons on specific subjects. For several years I created cartoons that appeared in technology publications. I am frequently contacted by people looking for specific cartoons from those publications. While I have some of those cartoons on this site, the majority of images here - and the links provided for those cartoons - are of general interest topics.

That does not mean that the tech cartoons don’t exist. I still have most of them on file. If you are looking for a specific cartoon - or even a cartoon on a certain hi-tech subject - let me know and I’d be glad to look for it for you.

On an unrelated note, I have become a Game of Thrones addict, consuming season 8 theories and eagerly awaiting the final season. I know nothing.